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Jared (J.T.) Peterson

The two questions that have always nagged me are these; How do we motivate ourselves? And how do we know what we should motivate ourselves towards? In particular, I am interested in frames (or mental models); how we form, choose between, and benefit from good frames, how they go awry, and the role they play in reasoning, motivation, and valuing.

I have a masters in Behavioral and Decision Sciences from the University of Pennsylvania, and an undergrad in Psychology from BYU-Hawaii. In a previous life I was a data scientist building ML algorithms. But now I work at a boutique consulting company as an applied behavioral scientist where I apply my knowledge to nudge, persuade and encourage others to make and follow-through on good decisions.

I describe my career trajectory as ‘academic without academia’. My goal is to push on our existing psychological theories and models to find their flaws, and then to replace them with something more true and practical. I am eager to discuss and collaborate with other researchers and philosophers working on similar problems – whether theory or applied.

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