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“All problem solving exhibits in its conclusions only what is already implicit in its premises. Hence all problem solving can be viewed simply as change in representation, making evident what was previously true but obscure.” – Herbert Simon (paraphrase)

Jared (J.T.) Peterson
Behavioral Scientist and consultant

The two questions that have always nagged me are these; How do we motivate ourselves? And how do we know what we should motivate ourselves towards?

These two questions have led me to study motivation, rationality, and value theory – and all their various aspects and subdomains. It was through these topics that I discovered the field of Behavioral Science in which I currently work.

I have a masters in Behavioral and Decision Sciences from University of Pennsylvania, and an undergrad in Psychology from BYU-Hawaii. In a previous life I was a data scientist building ML algorithms. But now I work at a boutique consulting company (Behavioralize) as an applied behavioral scientist where I apply my knowledge to nudge, persuade, and encourage others to make and follow through on better decisions.

The projects I have worked on are wide and varied because the flaws and limitations of human nature are at the core of so many problems, and that is what Behavioral Science best addresses. Some of my favorite projects have included persuading farmers in India to wear PPE, nudging doctors to test and prescribe, prompting consumers to better navigate e-commerce websites, creating better decision processes for investors, and delivering courses on critical thinking on GMO technology.

I am eager to discuss and collaborate with other behavioral scientists, psychologists, and philosophers working on similar problems – whether theory or applied.

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