About Me

Jared (J.T.) Peterson

The fundamental question I want to answer is both theoretical and practical; How can we competently navigate ourselves towards the good given how humans are, what the world is like, and the particular contexts in which we find ourselves?

Trying to answer this question has led me on a winding path through psychology and philosophy, with particular interest in understanding rationality, motivation, and axiology in context.

I have a masters in Behavioral and Decision Sciences from University of Pennsylvania, and an undergrad in psychology from BYU-Hawaii. I previously worked as a data scientist building ML algorithms, but now work at a boutique consulting company as an applied behavioral scientist.

I would love to do academia, and if I found the right program I still might get a PhD (if I can convince my wife). But my hope is that I can carve my own alt-academic path, which is why I started this blog.

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