Jared (J.T.) Peterson

Welcome to my blog about behavioral science, decision science, psychology, and philosophy.

Who are you?

My name is Jared, but because finding a good domain is hard when you have a generic name, feel free to call me JT.

Career wise, I studied psychology and organizational behavior at BYU-Hawaii, and got my masters at University Of Pennsylvania in Behavioral and Decision Sciences. I previously worked as a data scientist building ML algorithms, but now work at a consulting company using “Behavioral and Decision Sciences” in various industries, but mostly pharma, health, and tech. I love what I do.

What is this blog about?

Whatever I want. But in particular, something like the following list of questions.

  • What do we value? What should we do about it?
  • What gives rise to motivation? How can we take advantage of that?
  • What does it mean to be rational? How can we be more rational? (epistemically, instrumentally, or otherwise)
  • How do we represent the world? How does that affect reasoning and motivation?
  • What is the space of possible ways of being? Which of these best helps us to achieve our values?

Why write a blog?

To connect with friends and colleagues.

I am not actively promoting this blog, nor do I have plans to. This blog will be a success if I develop deeper friendships, improve my ability to communicate, and develop my thinking further. I also hope that it might connect me to people who work and study similar topics so that we might find ways to collaborate and work on projects together.

But hey, if you happen across this blog by accident, you are welcome to stay.

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