Is Misguided Research Failed Research?

I don’t like Self-Determination Theory (SDT). The constructs of autonomy, competence, and relatedness, of which it is made, seem like ill-defined semi-arbitrary categories that are not really MECE (mutually exclusive and comprehensively exhaustive). No doubt my criticism, in part, stems from the fact that SDT claims to explain intrinsic motivation, which is another theory IContinue reading “Is Misguided Research Failed Research?”

Two (Other) Modes of Thinking: Gestalt vs Feature

John Vervaeke identifies two modes of thinking; “Gestalt” vs “Feature”. You can understand them as modes of thought where one of the two processes involved in Predictive Processing is emphasized over the other – the top-down process or the bottom-up process. Both modes are necessary, but both can be harmful if used in exclusion ofContinue reading “Two (Other) Modes of Thinking: Gestalt vs Feature”

The Rolling Two-Year Rule

I have long held a “rolling two-year rule” when it comes to issues of identity. This simple rule states the following; I cannot be held accountable for who I was two years ago, for I am not that person.